Particle Robots: A new specie of hybrid bio-inspired robotics
Luis A. Mateos

Locomotion methods. The configuration of the particle robots enables them to have multiple locomotion modes, such as roll, walk, jump, swim and move over obstacles. 1) The robot can roll when the spines are hidden and the inner spherical mobile robot is activated. Also, roll is achieved by extending/contracting its spines in a controlled pattern. Or a combination of extending the spines to start the momentum together with the spherical mobile robot. 2) Walk is possible by moving the spines in controlled pattern, since the robot can stand on a flat surface with three, four or five legs. 3) The robot is able jump if it is initially rolling and in coordination of the rolling moment a spine is extendend. 4) The robot can swim using the rolling modes.

2019 Luis A. Mateos