Luis A. Mateos
Key words: Autonomous, Reconfigurable, In-pipe, Particle, Robots, Exoskeleton, Expert, Systems, Sports, Analytics
Wei Wang, Zijian Wang, Luis A. Mateos, Kuan Wei Huang, Mac Schwager, Daniela Rus
Distributed Motion Control for Multiple Connected Surface Vessels
IROS 2020
Luis A. Mateos, Wei Wang, Banti Gheneti, Daniela Rus
Autonomous Latching System for Robotic Boats
ICRA 2019
Wei Wang, Luis A. Mateos, Daniela Rus
Cooperative Control of an Autonomous Floating Modular Structure Without Communication
2019 International Symposium on Multi-Robot and Multi-Agent Systems (MRS)
Wei Wang, Banti Gheneti, Luis A. Mateos, Daniela Rus
Roboat: An Autonomous Surface Vehicle for Urban Waterways
IROS 2019
Luis A. Mateos, Marcos Rodriguez Y Dominguez and Markus Vincze.
Automatic In-pipe Robot Centering from 3D Controller Simplification
IROS 2013
Luis A. Mateos, Miguel Sousa and Markus Vincze
DeWaLoP - Remote Control for In-pipe Robot
ICAR 2011
Luis A. Mateos
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