Luis A. Mateos

Abstract. Inspired by a couple of simple organisms without eyes, neither ears. This website presents a novel hybrid bionic robot, called ”particle robot”, which mix a macro-organism and a micro-organism in the same robot. On one hand, an interesting rather boring animal, the biological Echinoids (seaurchins) is mixed with the viruses micro-organisms, in specific the rotaviruses; together with spherical mobile robots. Analogously, from a pure robotic perspective, this bio-inspired robot can be seen as a spherical mobile robot wearing an actuated exoskeleton.

The robot has two main configurations: when the spines are contracted it becomes a spherical mobile robot able to move in a fast pace on land, embedding all spherical mobile robots properties. On the other hand, when the spines or legs are extended in a controlled pattern, it can walk on flat surfaces as well as move on snow and over rocks as a bionic sea urchin.

The spines of the robot are telescopic linear actuators, which combines soft and hard 3D print materials to make the actuation unit flexible for compressing it in minimal space and rigid for extending and lifting the robot.

Key words: Particle, Robot, Bio-inspired, Spherical, Mobile, Active, Exoskeleton, Telescopic, Actuators, 3D print actuators

2019 Luis A. Mateos