Luis A. Mateos

Abstract. This website presents a novel idea on incorporation the moon phases to the classic Gregorian (Solar) calendar time sampling methods for finding meaningful patterns in the stock market.

The four main moon phases (New moon, First quarter, Full moon and Third quarter) are irregular in time but with well defined sampling structure. A Full moon may appear in one month of the year on the 2nd, on the next month the Full moon may appear on the 4th and in the next ten years on the 13th of the same month. This structure which is irregular in time reveals interesting patterns when sampling the stock markets. Moreover, the moon affects multiple physical things on the earth, such as the ocean tides, the behavior of living organisms as well as humans mood and decision when risking and investing.

Key words: lunatic, moon, phases, stock, predition, irregular, sampling, time, series, regression

2023 Luis A. Mateos