Particle Robots: A new specie of hybrid bio-inspired robotics
Luis A. Mateos

Hybrid bio-inspired robotics tries not only to mimic living organisms in nature, but also to improve them to make them adaptable to multiple terrains and environments, while mechanically modular and efficient [1]. The development of hybrid robots requires new designs of mechanical elements that take advantages of 3D printer technologies combining soft and rigid materials in the same part for multifunctional purposes [2].

Bio-inspired spherical mobile robots have been embedding mechatronic modifications to make them more adaptive to different terrains and environments, they can swim [3], dive from integrated thrusters [4]; move in snow from their rugged outer shell [5]; and even walk from using its shell as legs [6]; but never embedding an active exoskeleton. The main reason is the challenging mechatronic system to be fitted inside the constrained space of the robot's exoskeleton, which integrates a sealed spherical mobile robot as an inner shell together with a sensorized and actuated outer shell, plus managing their complex interactions [7].

2019 Luis A. Mateos